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Edexcel Mathematics grade boundaries

Asked by pluk | May 30, 2003 | GCSE Level > Maths > Advice
pluk asks:

Hi, could you tell me the grade boudaries for this years edexcel mathematics(linear). IVe scored a 36 in coursework all together I think so is it possible you can help me to work out how much I require in the test papers. Thanks.

etutor answers:
Sorry but no I can't. I work as an examiner for edexcel so I know that the grade boundaries are calculated AFTER we have marked the papers. Coursework is usually 20% of the total mark. Coursework is out of 48 so you have done very well and this should help you at whatever tier you are taking. As a guide on the intermediate tier you usually need a total just over 50% to get a C grade and with your coursework you should get the grade C even if you get a little below half. At higher tier your coursework will not help as much as it is weighted less as these are higher grades. It is a very complicated system so I would just do your best and try to get as many marks as you can.

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what are the grade boundaries for this years gcse maths paper
responded Sep 19, 2004 3:43:10 PM BST
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