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Creative writing

Asked by Misspinky145 | Sep 22, 2008 | GCSE Level > English > Coursework
Misspinky145 asks:

I have to do a creative writing task but i have absolutely no idea what to write it on. I know that some people write it based on their own experiences but i don't have too many interesting events to write about so please could you give me an idea.
Also could you give me an example of how to start the story off as i never can. Once i get into it, it is slightly easier to do. Thnx!

etutor answers:

Use your own experience as a basis but then exaggerate.

Have yo ever been in situations where you've been frightened, or alone or whre you've really enjoyed yourself.

You can start in different ways. For example, two people talking. Or with something startling and dramatic.

For example...

That day was the worst day of my life...

Bob was nice but there was always something about him that I couldn't fathom, as though he held in his heart a dark secret.

I had fallen in love. What's worse, it was with the peron that for three years I'd hated with a vengeance.

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