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Asked by LionessAngel | Jan 15, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
LionessAngel asks:

Help! Iam writing an essay on
The application of enzymes in industry?


The advantages and disavntages of using recombinant DNA technology?

But i have no clue
on the subjects as we havent started woking on the BYA2 where we cover them any info would be most welcome thanks!

etutor answers:
I am pretty certain that if your teacher has given you an essay on a topic you have not yet covered, he/she has given it for the purpose of getting you to do some independent research. You will need to use a variety of sources including books (not just your textbook) and the Internet. The second topic also involves you coming to some sort of personal conclusion, I would imagine, once you have found the advantages and disadvantages. For the first topic, putting "+enzyme +industry" of "+enzyme +application" (without the inverted commas) should bring up a number of useable sources. For the second topic "recombinant DNA technology" (with the inverted commas) will probably be good enough. The second topic may bring up websites from non-scientific sources (pressure groups etc.) which should not be used as they will be biased. There may be some that are clearly biased in favour of the technology (e.g. from companies who produce products for the industry.

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