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Sherlock Holmes Coursework

Asked by Daley07 | Mar 22, 2007 | GCSE Level > English > Coursework
Daley07 asks:

I am really stuck on my sherlock holmes coursework. It is due in for tomorrow and haven't started. the reason for this is that i simply do not know what to write. The question is 'Compare the ways in which Conan Doyle presents interesting criminals in the selected extracts (Twisted Lip, Red Headed League and The Speckled Band'.) If you could give me advice it would be much appreciated. many thanx michael :)

etutor answers:

You could look at each of the criminals and discuss:


1. Their physical appearance

2. Their personality traits

3. What motivates them

4. How each of them relate to other characters

5. How they end up.


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