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Ecology coursework: To investigate the effects of trampling on the Burford Spur, Box Hill (surrey) T

Asked by Sarz | Aug 3, 2007 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
Sarz asks:

For my A2 coursework I must choose an appropriate statistical test which is most suited to the coursework title and given data (entitled 'results table- ecology.)
I must choose one of the following statistical tests:
*Students t test/Mann Whitney U test (which looks at differences)
*Spearman’s Rank correlation coefficient (which tests the strength of a relationship)
I'm lead to believe that the most suitable statistical test would be the Mann Whitney U test. However, I’m not entirely sure so I’ve hit a dead end an it‘s making my summer hell. Please shed some light.
Thanks in advance.

etutor answers:

Even with your data, its difficult to be certain. For comparing 'trampled' with 'not trampled', the t test would probably be best. If comparing 'more trampled' with 'less trampled' (which i think is what your data is) the Mann Whitney Test is better. In other words 'trampled' is a range of a variable rather than a strict category. The Spearman Rank test is not appropriate unless you have a way of measuring degree of trampling so that it becomes a measured continuous variable

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Okay thats grand.

Thank you!

responded Aug 4, 2007 7:36:46 PM BST
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