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Biology, Planning Exercise 2008 OCR

Asked by musiclove23 | Mar 24, 2008 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
musiclove23 asks:

I am having difficultly starting this year's A level planning exercise. The Question is, You are required to plan an investigation to find out how changes in the consumption of protein in the diet influence the excretion of urea in humans.

It has to be about 1000 words i am unsure where to start i would appreciate if i could have some pointers.

etutor answers:
I have to be careful here as this is part of your exam. In designing an experiment you need to think how you could get a measure of protein consumption (an actual figure) and also how to measure urea (you should be able to find that on the Internet). As I understand it, this is only a planning exercise, so you are not restricted by school equipment because you don't actually have to DO the experiment.

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