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Asked by katiebaby | Apr 22, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
katiebaby asks:

Im completing the coursework on the coagulation of milk involving changing the concentraion of calcium ions using sodium citrate to remove all the orignial calcium ions in the original milk, then adding different amounts each time. Im going to be adding rennin, keeping the amount of rennin the same each time. I have had some comments on what i need to explain more clearly back to me being:
1. How concentration effects enzyme activity.
2. What calcium ions actually do.

Are there also optimum enyzmes and the co-enzyme work at? Is it PH5 that rennin works best at?

etutor answers:
Enzyme activity tends to increase when concentration of enzyme is increased, up to a mximum, beyond which enzyme concentration has no further effect because it is no longer the limiting factor. Rennin works between pH5-7 and has an optimum stability at pH5.4

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