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Macbeth act5 scenes 3

Asked by yheichan | Feb 27, 2007 | KS3 Level > English > Homework
yheichan asks:

Can you please help me to answer these questions?
1 When Macbeth says' let them fly all,Was he not born of woman?"
2 "How does your patient, doctor?"asks Macbeth. Who is this patient?
3 According to the doctor, what is the his patient's problem?
4 Why does Macbeth ask the doctor about his ability to remove painful memories and take away anxiety?
5 HOw does the doctor's comment at the end of this scene contribute to the mood?

etutor answers:

1. He's referring to Malcolm in this intance. Macbeth has been told by the witches that he is not to fear anyone of woman born. We find out later that Macduff - in a sesne - was not born of woman because he was a caesarian birth.

2. The patient is Lady Macbeth

3. The patient's problem is suffering and grief due to the guilt she feels over the death of Duncan etc.

4.  Macbeth is saying that if you can rid her of her sense of guilt you will cure her.

5. The doctor indicates that things are getting bad and nothing could make him want to stay.


1 student responses


To number three, it would look good if you could tie in a quote with that to back up your answer [her sense of guilt]

One of Lady Macbeths most famous lines is "Out, damned spot, out." She is hallucinating the blood of Duncan on her hands, and is meticulously and repeatedly washing her hands. This shows that in her mind she cannot cleanse herself of Duncans murder.

Will show you're thinking outside the box =] Always worth a mark or two. x

responded Sep 22, 2007 4:59:26 PM BST
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