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Osmosis: Graph, Conclusion and Evaluation

Asked by Fleeties | Mar 4, 2007 | GCSE Level > Biology > Coursework
Fleeties asks:

Ok. I have to draw up a graph for the Osmosis experiment, I think I am using either the Average mass (of 3 results) or Average Gain or loss e.g. +0.2g or -0.3 could anyone confirm this? Also which Axis should be used for the concentration?

I have no idea on the Scientific theory to explain my results in the conclusion and am stuck on what to put for the conclusion and evaluation.

I want really really fast replies please its in for tomorrow!!!

etutor answers:
You need to record avarage gain and loss, not average mass. Concentration should be the x axis, and this will cross the y axis half way up - above the intersection will be weight gain, below it is weight loss. The scientific theory is the process of osmosis, applied to this situation - I'm surprised that you have got this far without having this sorted out! I can't help with evaluation because I don't know the EXACT details of how you did the experiment.

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