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Asked by DBLT117 | Dec 27, 2007 | GCSE Level > Sociology > Coursework
DBLT117 asks:

I am just starting my coursework on Crime and Deviance, and have planned out all my work, and think I will do it quite successfully, however, I am struggling to come up with a suitable hypothesis for the topic i am doing. I do know what a hypothesis is but I cant think of some pertinent to the topic i am doing. Could you please give me some pointers, Thanks!

etutor answers:

Sorry for the delay with this question.

It is difficult to advise on the basis of the limited information you have provided. Crime and Deviance is an enormous area, and you have not specified the focus chosen for your coursework. Similarly, you have not stated the level (A level?) or the exam board or whether you are using primary or secondary sources. So all I can do is to tell you that an hypothesis is a testable proposition (through research and experimentation) based on some theoretical foundation. So, for example, a functionalist might hypothesise that young men in inner city areas are more likely to be drawn to criminal activity because they form part of a sub-culture and have not been adequately socialised to adopt society's norms of achievement and behaviour. By contrast an interactionist might well hypothesise that the criminal activity is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy caused by society's labelling of such groups as deviant and thus prone to acting criminally.

I might be able to help more if you can be more specific about what you want.

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