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Asked by zain_m | Jan 15, 2005 | A Level > Biology > Revision
Does any one know where I can get past advanced International Baccalaureate (IB) exam papers in..... 1. Biology (HL) 2. Chemistry (HL) 3. Psychology (HL) 4. French (SL) 5. Maths (studies SL) 6. English (SL) I looked all over but cud only find chemistry. i'd appreciate any website recommendations. also, any gud revision sites. thkx

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simplycomplex, 17 Jan, 2005 @ 00:09
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Hi, i think Australian schools follow the IB syllabus and i'm aussie so hopefully these past exam paper sites will help:

If you just click on each subject heading and then under a specific course heading on the left, you should be able to scroll down and download some Past Examination Papers.

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