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Swanage Coursework.

Asked by SchoolGirl. | Nov 8, 2008 | GCSE Level > Geography > Coursework
I'm doing a piece of coursework on Swanage, Dorset. One of the questions is, "Do the landforms in Swanage attract tourists?" I understand that the answer is yes, but I obviously need a lot more detail to go with that. & that's what I'm stuck on. I was just looking at my notes and below the question it says, "(World Heritage Site)".
Can you tell me what the Heritage Site is and what it has to do with my question, and how to explain my answer instead of simply answering "Yes" ?
Thank you.
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manaljaved, 11 Nov, 2008 @ 00:33
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I think in this context what Heritage means is that swanage is site of outstanding natural importance to the common heritage of humanity therefore it attracts visitors. Heritage sites have a lot of significance because their is history associated with them or if it is a landform they probably have some natural importance.

Try researching more on 'heritage sites' on google.


Beth P, 23 Dec, 2008 @ 17:26
Beth P
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The heriatge site has to do with the history of Swanage as a town. It used to be a small fishing village, untill the railway was constructed in the 19th centuary and the resort became established for its sandy beaches and clean fresh air. (Remember in those days factory workers would take 2 week long holidays to the sea side, and the rail infrastructure to Swanage ment that the town would flourish from all the people comming to visit.)

The town not only flourished from its location and infrastructure, but it protected coastal cliffs of Old Harry Rocks. These famous stacks and stumps are hard to get away from hearing if you are considering to take geography on for A Level, so its best to get to know them now, and why Swanage is so well known.

Old Harry Rocks are the result of coastal headland erosion. As the are at the headland the oncomming waves refract around the headland battering them even more, thus resulting in caves, arches, stacks and stumps. (If you are unsure as to how these features are formed i will be happy to help you).

In conclusion the landforms in Swanage attract tourists due many reasons. Tourists are attracted to the wonderful example of headland erosion which is Old Harry Rocks. Artist, photographers and geographers have also flocked to the area to take advantage of the beautiful landscape.

Old Harry Rocks is only one example of what attracts tourism to the area. The long sandy beaches attract tourists, artists, photographers (this can be seen by the large number of artist galleries in and round Swanage) and locals alike. Also Corfe Castle attracts visitors because of its part in the English Civil war.

I hope this helps!


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