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advantages and disadvantages using Excel

Asked by kaila | Apr 13, 2005 | GCSE Level > Information Technology > Homework
Heya. Can somebody please give me the advantages and disadvantages of using microsoft excel?

Also do you know the ad and dis of Microsoft Acces?

And how could i compare them?

Thank you for your help Kaila

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ubaid12, 13 Apr, 2005 @ 17:32
Accepted Answer
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advantages of ms Excel... * large amount of data can be stored in a small file * automatic updation of values in cells.. * Macros can be created to simplify repeated tasks. * A large variety of mathematical functions available * Excellent ability to produce professional graphs.

Disadvantages: * Data can only be displayed in cells i.e. Datasheet view. * Queries on data cannot be carried out as in Access * Excel macros sometimes have viruses.

ubaid12, 13 Apr, 2005 @ 17:48
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Advantages of Ms Access: 1) Better security than Excel - that is error prevention [meaning toolbars at startup can be hidden] 2) More professional looking 3) Queries can be carried out on data 4) Data can be displayed on forms 5) detailed reports can be created

Disadvantages 1) not as powerful as excel in terms of mathematical functions 2) not as user-friendly as excel 3) File sizes increase dramatically if graphics are included. 4) Corruption of databases is more frequent than of spreadsheets

ubaid12, 13 Apr, 2005 @ 17:52
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And for the can just compare the functionality of both and the compatibility and professional and home use.

Zasasule, 16 Apr, 2011 @ 17:59
thanks ubaid,nice info,i got an assignment for this


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