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Quantitative Test for Reducing Sugars

Asked by xstarglossx | Dec 26, 2008 | A Level > Biology > Homework
I'm struggling with these questions in my biology homework and was wondering whether anyone could give me some help/advice.
I've browsed around the site but I've only really managed to find reducing sugar tests, but not collecting quantitative data.
Most reducing sugar tests I've read only mentions that to do the test more precisely, a colorimeter is to be used, which is how we conducted the quantitative test.

1. Describe and explain the relationship between glucose concentration and % transmission.
- My graph is one straight line that goes down from a high % transmission to a low one, from a glucose concentration of 1% to 10%. (Only 2 points were plotted on the graph, else I would have had to use a logarithmic scale).

2. Describe how you would estimate the glucose concentration of solution X.
- We were given a solution X, which we found the % transmission to be 2%. I was wondering whether this question was asking how you would conduct the test, or estimate the glucose concentration in a semi-quantitative way (i.e by observing the colour and placing it between the standards to estimate the % transmission).

Thank you to anyone who can help me here.
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malouky94, 3 Dec, 2010 @ 09:25

 for the 2nd Question , u should have prepared different concentrations of glucose and tested them all ofcourse each will have its colour so when you test X you will be able to know what is the concentration of glucose for it , this will be better if you increased the range of glucose concentrations 


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