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Film Trailers

Asked by Ollieg123 | Feb 9, 2012 | A Level > Media Studies > Coursework
Hey there guys i am currently into my last parts of my course work for media studies i have been told to study film trailers i have got 3 things to do in my course work (Research,Production,Evaluation) In my research i am suppose to research the industry: - Types Of trailers - History of trailers - Uses of film trailers - Purpose of Film trailers - Evolution of the trailer - Different Parts of a trailer (VO/Titles/MPAA/Cast/Star) - Conventions of film trailers Representation: - Symbolic codes - Conventions of the Genre with examples - Target Audience ( How they are attracted) - USP (Unique Selling Point) - Technical Codes (Techniques) Media terms you must explore & use in your work Genre,Narrative,Representation : Hybird Genre,Location,Characters,Voice Over, Theme,Mood,Placing,On screen graphics,Editing & Post production (Includes special effects), Music and other sound effects.
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