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Effect of Temperature on the movement of pigment (anthocyanin) through cells membranes

It is difficult to judge some of this when I cannot see the actual results. In general, your explanations are not very clear. I would try reading this to someone who doesn't know what you've actually done in the experiment, and see if they understand it! I don't think they will. The introduction needs some work. There are some grammatical errors (you switch between singular and plural when referring to phosopholipids). A lot of the introduction is not relevant to this experiment - all you really need is the general structure of the membrane, the fact that it is fluid and the important role of the protein channels. Cholesterol has nothing to do with this experiment, for instance. In the last parargraph, you talk about light transmission without any explanation about how this relates to the experiment. Why no hypothesis? A lot of your 'interpretation' is just a detailed description of the results. This can be seen from a graph (in fact, that's the whole point of a graph!). It is very difficult to follow without looking at the graph. You need to simplify this description. I'm not really sure what you're doing - I assume that you're measuring the fluid around the beetroot with a colorimeter, but in that case an increase in transmission would mean that the solution was getting paler, whereas your account it would seem that, when you refer to an increase in transmission, the solution is getting darker (i.e. more leakage). Colorimeters also measure absorption - maybe that's what you measured? You see what I mean about this account being confusing - details of the method are really needed for clarity.Your evaluation is a bit superficial. Scientists evaluate RESULTS. I don't have your results, but is there anything about them that suggests that the method gave inaccurate results or was unreliable in some way. If so, you need to explain and suggest improvements. If not, then everything is fine and you don't need to suggest how possible mistakes may have occurred if the evidence is clear that they didn't!
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First chapter of a Novel

This is a good opening. It is quite well written. You have a good vocabulary and the writing flows quite fluently. Just check your tenses, as you seem to switch from past to present at times. Also, check the rules for punctuating dialogue – have a look at a novel and see how they do it. Interesting scenario. 


1.    It was a pleasant October morning in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu city.  Winter is knocking at the door and summer nearly gone.  This is the peak tourist season when you don’t get a ticket to Nepal if you have not booked it in advance. [you’re mixing tense past and present. Easier to write using the past tense – for example Winter was knocking...]


2.    She has been roaming aimlessly [She had been roaming]


3.    be suffering from serious hangover [a serious hangover]

4.    “Hello there”, new hobby?”
“Hello there,  new hobby?”


5.    “you mean you’re begging?!” [“You mean you’re begging?!”


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How is conflict and violence represented in romeo and juliet and the WW1 poems?


This is an excellent piece of work. You focus on the question well and you offer a detailed analysis, supported by well integrated and pertinent quotations. Your essay is well structured and well-written. There is some excellent linking between paragraphs, good grasp of literary devices and an awareness of historical context. Well done!


1, young soldiers going to war. [to go to war?]

2. the parents decision [the parents’ decision]


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Bend it like Beckham film reveiw


The content of this is good. It is very well presented and is well-structured.  The main thing you need to work on is writing more simply and preciesly. Sometimes your expression doesn’t quite come across clearly. Write a little more like you would say it -  that might help. Try to choose exactly the right word.




1.       Bend It Like Beckham  [for film titles either italicise or use inverted commas]

2.      by setting us into the central of a Sikh family in London that is demanding to class experience of life in a foreign country. [slightly awkward expression here – write more simply and precisely]

3.       She fantasizes of football stardom [about football stardom]

4.       of god to a maternity above [slightly awkward expression here]

5.       pass as a teenage tangent. [‘tangent’ not the right word here]


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Original Writing- The Island



This is an imaginative piece of writing and you use a good deal of descriptive writing. The events are a little hard to believe, and some of the amazing feats at the end seem to be achieved too easily. The ending seems a little rushed. Who saved you, for example, and where did they come from?






1.       sun implanted through [there is no such verb as ‘implanted’]

2.       coupon for next years catalogue [next year’s catalogue]

3.       in it's dark waters [its]


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