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The Question Zone is all about questions and answers. As soon as the last bell rings, schools over, you go home, trying to find a moment for school work in between watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and lounging about the house - its hard. It’s even worse when the homework difficult and you don’t have a clue where to start. You could ask your parents, but the last time they helped with your geography assignment you got a D, and that was in the Infants! Don’t panic, that's where the Question Zone can help.

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The Student Exchange is the place to come if you have a question or want to answer questions. It allows students to both ask AND answer questions. If you answer a students question, you will receive SZ Points; the harder the question, the more SZ Points. Use the Search Zone to search through near 8000 previously answered questions for help answering questions.

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Enduring Love

Asked by miss_fitzy2003 | Nov 9, 2003
Hi I have been set the following essay on Enduring Love: Analyse Jed Parry's letters and discuss what we learn about, his character and relationship with Rose. Consider their functions in the novel. So if you have any advice, pointers or websites that you think might help me write this essay, it would be much apreciated. Many thanks Emma