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actual personal statemnt.doc

This is a great personal statement giving details of your background. (Isn't Millennium Volunteers something to do with Citizens Advice?), however you do need to look at the subjects you want to study at university and why.

Check out - snippets of which is shown below - samples can be found from a link on the page

The personal statement is in a format laid down by UCAS and this should be followed. The following goes through each question and looks at ways of answering the questions which can be tailored for individual courses.

Particular interests you have in your current studies.

I am particularly interested in the Hardware side of computing and have enjoyed this part of the A Level/BTEC/GNVQ. I always used to wonder how the computer worked inside and found this very interesting. I then progressed to building my own computer with spare parts. This I found very difficult so took a PC Maintenance course to enable me to learn about this. I then with some help, was able to build my own computer and I found this very satisfying.. Since then I have upgraded my computer several times. I am also very interested in Web Page Design and I have taught myself FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

1. Reasons for choosing a Computer Course
I chose a Computer Science/Software Engineering/Other Computing Course as I studied this at A Level and thoroughly enjoy computing and wish to study it at a deeper level. I believe that I can succeed in this course.

2. Background to your interest in this subject
I used a computer at school and was a keen member of the Computer Club. I often stayed behind at school to use the computer as there were so many things I wanted to learn.
I learnt the Microsoft Office Suite I am especially good at Database and have set up several applications for my own use.
I have taught myself programming and can program in C++
I took additional computer courses in Web Page Design and have set up my own web site this can be viewed on www. .
I did additional computer courses in PowerPoint and I set up a Presentation using this to present a project to my class.

3. Employment/work experience
I very much wanted to work in a Computer company in the holidays but despite looking very hard was unable to get a computer job due to lack of experience. I then worked in a transport company, which gave me an insight into the business world.

4. Details of Key Skills
If not applicable leave out.

5. Other Achievements
Please view my web site on www. I found setting up this site very interesting and I have set up several web sites for friends. I have used Front Page Software and found this enabled me to do the advanced features that you see featured on my pages. I often look at the net to view other Web Sites to learn how to use the different features. Successful web design is not just the technical side but having interesting and creative web pages.

6. Your Career Aspirations
While it is very early to say, I feel that I would like to be a Network Engineer or Hardware Engineer or similar. I feel that I would be good at this as I enjoy the hardware side of computing very much.

7. Details on non examined subjects
Leave blank if you do not have any.

8. Social, Sporting or other interests activities
At weekends I play in a team and we play every Saturday. I enjoy going out with friends and listening to music.

Hope this helps.

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ICT Coursework 1

This is an excellent piece of work. You have introduced the problem, produced a dataflow diagream to see the information flowing through the current system and look at alternativer approachs to a solution. Well done

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Video and DVD hiring Business

This is a B/C border piece of work.

To get the a grade you need to deign some alternative data base structures and objects away from the application. This would be more easily achieved through hand drawn diagrams.

The remainder of your sections are excellent and will get great marks.

As a check list you need to cover these (and you have looked at nearly all of these areas

The system life cycle describes the processes that are taken during the development of a computer system. These steps are

IDENTIFY · Explain what the system is to achieve. · Produce a list of aims

ANALYSE · Identify the data that is input into the old system, · Described how it is processed, · Described how and what is output. DESIGN · Identify the data that is input into the new system · Described how it is processed Described how and what will be output.

IMPLEMENT Complete system with documents and files. · Start using new system. · Produce a User Guide so that users will be able to install and use your system successfully.

TEST Carry out all the tests on your test plan, · Note any errors on the printouts and in your test log, · Correct errors.

EVALUATE · Take each aim in turn, and discuss its success. · Suggest improvements that could be made in the future

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advantages and disadvantages using Excel

KailaHeya. Can somebody please give me the advantages and disadvantages of using microsoft excel? Also do you know the ad and dis of Microsoft Acces? And how could i compare them? Thank you for your help Kaila
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ICT entertainment and leisure?

ItsJustMeHi, I need help with my ICT course. We need to do a presentation about how ICT has affected the way (three different groups) spend their entertainment and leisure time. We need to talk about benefits, disadvantages... etc. I can't find a thing on the Net, do you think you could help?

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help on questions for end user (IT06)

ayzaz14Hi, i am currently doing an ordering system for a restaurant, i have to create this project in microsoft access, but before all that i need to go for an interview with my end user. can u pls help me with the questions that i need to ask my end user. e.g. who will be using the system? i cant think of more, need help quickly !!!!!!

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