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Compare and contrast the characters of Portia and Jessica

A lucid, focused well-structured essay. Your points are convincing and you support these with appropriate quotations. No major problems at all but still a little tweaking needed.


1. In the play, Portia and Jessica are the main feminine love interests during the play.

[In "The Merchant of Venice", Portia and Jessica are the main feminine love interests during the play.]

2. Shylock[']s possessions

3. Shylocks' direct [Shylock's direct ]

4. For example, these include the matter of faith (when Jessica becomes a Christian from being a Jew), and from an inheritance point of view (when Shylock leaves his fortune to Jessica after he passes away, having previously taken away Jessica's claim to his riches.[overly intricate sentence]

Should be a grade A (after tweaking!)

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What is da serious point that Fanthrpe is tryin to reveal throughout the poem reffering to quotes

Refer to my previous e-mail in which I offered a fairly thorough analysis. It went like this:

his is a humorous poem based on a painting of Saint George and the Dragon by Uccello. The poem consists of three voices who speak in turn:

1. the dragon
2. the maiden
3. St George

The dragon comes across as slightly vain (hence the title). He is disappointed with the maiden as she isn't particularly attractive and the knight seems not particularly masculine as conquerors should be (he thinks).

The maiden, however, is very attracted to the dragon but doesn't like St George. Notice her language is quite sexual in the way it refers to the dragon in particular.

St George is portrayed as someone who is very proud of his qualifications and his horse (which is likened to a car). He addresses the dragon, arguing that he (the dragon) has a duty to fulfil the traditional role of a dragon, otherwise it will have a dire impact on society.

The poem, overall, seems to be about stereotypes. Fanthorpe, in a very comical way, shatters the traditional image of the three figures in the poem. More widely, she is looking at how people view themselves and each other. Often how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us are quite different.

You'll find a useful website on this poem at the following address:

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an analysis of WB Yeats "To a Shade"

This is a knowledgeable, sophisticated and detailed response. Good awareness shown of historical and political background. You progress to discuss in detail the language of the poem and the poet's use of literary devices. Occasional awkwardness of expression but a very convincing response.


1. However, there would be a drastic change in public opinion, Parnell’s affair with Kitty O’Shea, wife of fellow MP Captain Willie O’Shea, and saw public opinion turn against him [sentence and fluency seem to break down here]

2. complexly communicates to the [awkward expression here]