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Personal Statement-is this the right layout?

There are various alternatives - no set way.

However, I'd organise it this way:

1. Education
2. Qualifications
3. Awards
4. Work History
5. Computer Skills
6. Useful Skills
7. Interests and activities

Hope this helps.

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Curriculum Vitae

This is a good CV. Well presented, well written and thorough.


1. I do this as an interest [you could omit this - it doens't really say anything that it not already implied]

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personal statement

Always use a captial letter when referring to yourself - I rathter than i. This is quite a good piece of work in terms of its content but work on the following kinds of error:

1. My favourite subject is English, Science and Art. [subjects are]

2. when i [I] am older [should be captial I]

3. for this and becausev this is my strogest [because/strongest - check typing]

4. years ealy when i was in Year 9. [early/ I]

5. involved been [being] a good listener and

6. my future job.[career]

7.independant [independent]

8. ambitous [ambitious]

9. I work hard hard and would always complete work [too many 'hard's]

10. to the best of my ability and puntually [punctually]

11. responible [responsible]

12. I am [a] caring and patient person

13. I have participatd [participated]

Check your typing /spelling.


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PDP reflective statement

hunni_182I have to write an essay of 1500 words, to relfect on what i have learnt from the PDP exercise this year and to show how i am going to use the PDP over the next two years of university to support my academic and career development.

I really dont know how to start it or write about it

Could you provide me with any help!? Its got to be in on monday
Thanks very much
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Centigrade Questionnaire

MoorpheusHas anyone here completed a centigrade questionnaire.

I'm considering completing one myself but need advice from people who have already completed one.

I'm wondering - is it worth the money to fill out one of these questionnaires when I already have an idea of what I want to do


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to be a doctor!

frogmiti've always really wanted to be an A&E doctor, but this year (yr 11) i realise how hard it would actually be... Im getting A's in biology and chemistry but in every other subject B's and C's.

so to be a doctor do u think these would be good enough grades or do i really need to study hard?

any help fully apreciated... ty

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