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This was sent to me by mistake - I mark Business

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Compare and contrast the characters of Portia and Jessica

A lucid, focused well-structured essay. Your points are convincing and you support these with appropriate quotations. No major problems at all but still a little tweaking needed.


1. In the play, Portia and Jessica are the main feminine love interests during the play.

[In "The Merchant of Venice", Portia and Jessica are the main feminine love interests during the play.]

2. Shylock[']s possessions

3. Shylocks' direct [Shylock's direct ]

4. For example, these include the matter of faith (when Jessica becomes a Christian from being a Jew), and from an inheritance point of view (when Shylock leaves his fortune to Jessica after he passes away, having previously taken away Jessica's claim to his riches.[overly intricate sentence]

Should be a grade A (after tweaking!)

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GCSE coursework on Osmosis

For planning at GCSE, I would say that this work would be worth 5 or 6/8. The work is fine, but the experiment itself is not, if you want to get 7 or 8 marks. What is the point of testing different vegetables to find out if osmosis takes place? It is a bit like cutting people of different races to see if bleeding takes place! The usual experiment done on osmosis is an investigation of different sugar concentrations on osmosis. In your case, as well, the preliminary experiment does not really inform the experiment. For example, if you were to do the concentration experiment, then you could do a preliminary experiment to see what range of concentrations work best. Your 'preliminary experiment' is really only a repeat of one of your actual experiments. Given the weakness of the experiment itself, you have done as
well as you can. Marks have to take into account the complexity of the experiment and this is very simple, so would not warrant 7 or 8 marks however well you did it!