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i know its a frequent question but...


i need an excellent revision site for sociology.

please dont say scool cause i dont get on with it and BBC dont have sociology on it.

so any sites would be greatly appreciated.

thank yous xxx

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marxist theory

does anyone know what changed after 1840 to the marxist theory? I'd be really greatful
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Bio Medical Model of health


I am writing an essay to outline and assess how health and illness should be viewed as social constructs. I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas about the biomedical model of health as a large portion of my essay needs to be about this.

I could also use some information on how foucalt, marxists  and possibly even feminists criticise the BM Model of health .

If anyone is aware of any good sites that explain things in a simple way then plz let me know. Thanks a lot :)

Hi, i studied this topic in my first semester at uni so i hope my notes will be helpful to you.

The biomedical model of health and illness was the most widely used model in the 20th century (although it is still used today and can be effective in the treatment of acute medical conditions). However, it has been proven to be less effective in the treatment of chronic disease states (eg. asthma, diabetes, terminal illnesses such as cancer). This is because the biomedical model:

  • Describes human beings as having a biological identity common with all other biological things
  • Model under which modern medicine was established in 19th Century using physical investigations, dissections & medical examinations
  • Health & illness are qualitatively different – either healthy/ill. There is no continuum.
  • Mind & body function independently (separate entities). From this perspective, the mind is incapable of influencing physical matter.

Cause of illness:

eg. chemical imbalances, bacteria, viruses, genetic predisposition

  1. external – invade the body to cause physical changes
  2. internal involuntary physical changes


Responsibility for illness:

Individuals (“victims”) are not responsible for their illness as it is seen to arise from biological changes beyond their control.


Responsibility of treatment rests with the medical professional.



Methods which aim to change the physical state of the body.

eg. vaccination, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy


Role of psychology in health & illness:

Illness may have psychological consequences but no psychological causes.



Cancer may cause unhappiness but mood is not seen as related to either the onset or progression of cancer.

I guess, in ur critical analyses of foucalt, marxists and  feminist perspectives, you should make a comparison of the biomedical model to the current model of health and illness ... the biopsychosocial model, as you would be able to draw examples from this and use it to support ur argument.

One of ur arguments should revolve around the fact that health psychology plays an increasingly important role in healthcare. And that the model for the relationship between mind and body has also evolved.
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Racism and the press

Andrea H

Hey guys and gals,

what is your opinion on the way that Newspapers and Television are representing all ethnic groups? Do you think it does a good job or is there anything that could anything be improved. Does the Press and Television treat the representation of different ethnicities the same or is there bias?


When it comes to our age of tabloid media, the existence of bias is unquestionable. There is no such thing as a level playing field when commercial interests are at hand. The newspaper or television corporation that acquires more viewers will ultimately secure more commercial sponsors (AKA advertisements) and hence a greater financial reward. This is why the most popular or most accepted views that readers / viewers of the public hold will be propagated by the media.

As you can then see, the media not only fails to challenge our conventional views of ethnic groups, they instigate a vicious cycle of disadvantage for ethnic groups that are 'snubbed' (use this word with caution). There is the ongoing notion that 'whites' are the superior race. (you'd find many scandals of black people committing minor offences that are more publicised by the media due to general interest shown by our community).

Obviously there is much to be improved but given the current age of commercialism, there can be no level playing field. The first step starts from educating the public about the dangers of ethnic discrimination. Only when society's perception of ethnic groups become more balanced, can we truly progress.

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I'm doing my A2 psych coursework with the aim finding out if people who wear glasses are really seen to be more intelligent. I intend have two conditions, both with an image with a short questionnaire attached (possibly 5 or so) In which will be 'Guess the IQ of the girl in the picture'. The two conditions (as u may well have guessed) are glasses/no glasses. It's independant measure.

I wonder what kind of background evidence could i bring into this?? (hopefully with reference and obvious link to organisational psych)

I believe the primacy effect is relevant? Also pitfalls of interviews?

What studies have been done that could tie in with my coursework? Any psychological evidence spring to mind.

I'm grateful for any help. Thanks x.


I too am in the process of doing my psychology coursework. Your aim seems to be real interesting, however, the downside is that there is very little research on your proposed hypothesis. I would advice you to consult journals which may have information convenient to you.

You may find the following website suitable:


Hope this helps. Best regards.


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Can I have advice on exam technique, on how to answer the OCR Sociology synoptic paper, please?
Well my teacher predicted that poverty would come up. So cover that. Crime and Deviance as well as class you should cover also. Disability, age, etc. I know someone who is taking units 2537 and 2593, what are you taking? P.S It's either out of 90 or 120, I am still trying to get my head round that! lol For the social and inequality its out of 120 UMS points but i think the actually paper is out of 90 UMS and they then put up the marks accordingly and the research methods is out of 90 UMS points "This is basically what you will need to know - The Individual and Society • Introducing the individual and society • Culture and the formation of identities Culture and Socialisation Options - At least one from: • Family • Mass Media • Religion • Youth and Culture Really, you need to know ALL of ur notes in simple. Pick out the key points and try to remember them rather than masses of information. That will help. " That's all I can think off. Just check through your notes.... good luck!
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sociology of the media please help

hi can anyone help me i have asked before with no luck but i am in a real fix with this as i just don't know where to start.I have to compare and contrast 3 sociological theoris (eg marxism functionalism and interactionalim) and give examples of how shared ideas become part of social control, the next question i am in a fix with is that i have to use a least 2 sociological theories to interpret chosen advertising methods.If just need a starting point if anyone can help me with 1 or both of these i would be very grateful. thanx
well for the first one i would start with the main reasons for the sociology theories in the first place ie. they conflict with each other. then go on to talk about one theory eg marxist - key theorists karl marx etc and concepts. Then do an evaluation. Copy this for each theory making references to the others sometimes. draw a conclusion. for the second one. i would start by questioning the reliability etc of advertising methods and how accurate it is. (questioning the question). then i'd go on to talk about a sociological theory then another. hope this helps. ems xxx
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COULD SOME ONE GIVE me sites that contain psychology past exam papers, please, thank you
does this site help you ?
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Kingston University

Hi, I am really hoping to attend Kingston University (to study psychology) next year after finishing my A Levels, but i wanted to know what student life is like there. If anyone here goes to Kingston, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Christine.
ok, well i no a couple of people that attend kingston, now there views r that the university is alright, teachings gud, teachers r gud and so r the resources, but the school doesn't have 2 nice an atmosphere about it, mayb when u visit it will seem alright, but when u start lessons there many of the other students arn't 2 nice, they're more there 4 going out every night, few r actually there 2 study.
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Crime and Deviance on Wed, please help!

I'm trying to revise, but I can't seem to get my head around it. I can't tell what I need to know for what part and I'm basically panicking. Any advice/sites/syllabus would be helpful. I'm doing sociology AQA. Rachael x
hey, iv got dat exam comin up 2 n was kinda stuck, i tried da website which was really gud, hope dat helps. If ur sitting Crime n Deviance, uv got 2 know all da thories (Functionalist, Marxist, Interactionist, subcultural, ecological, pshycological, physiological) n atleast some criticisms to it and know about Crime statistics and the link wid Ethnicity and Gender.
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