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The results of my experiments show that the current is directly proportional to the mass of copper deposited at the cathode.


I am not sure how much effect time has on the rate of electrolysis, I perhaps should have considered this factor as a way of developing my experiment further. I think that the time allowed for the electrolysis to run would obviously have an effect on the mass of copper deposited, since the deposition of copper is a continuous process, and providing there is a fixed current it happens at a fixed rate. Therefore, the longer the time, the more copper atoms would be allowed to deposit and the bigger the combined mass.

Whilst, I do not think that the concentration of the solution would have any effect on the process, since the concentration of ions do not make it any easier for the electrons to flow. However, at very low concentration, the resistivity of water increases due to the lack of dissolved ions, and this may have had an effect on the current and therefore had an effect on the mass of copper deposited indirectly.

When I left the experiment for the intended three minutes I would find that there would be fluctuations in the current, so that it was possible that there was never a constant supply of electricity. This would have affected the experiment by making greater or fewer electrons to be displaced when the current changed in this way.

The electronic balance may have also made my results more inaccurate by only giving a the measurements to two decimal points.

The hair drier that we used for drying off the copper sulphate solution from the electrodes was not as efficient as I would have expected. After many minutes of drying, remnants of the solution were still be visible on the surface. This excess weight would have pushed up the weight of the electrodes and would have given inaccurate results. Waiting for the hair drier to do its job took considerably longer than I expected and did not leave me enough time to complete as many experiments as I would have liked.

To further increase the efficiency of my experiments I should have after measuring the electrodes been more careful to ensure that all deposited copper was removed before I re-measured the electrodes for the starting weight of the next experiment.

When I had finished all my experiments and came to clear out the pot which had all the copper sulphate solution in, I discovered floating pieces of copper. These had obviously become detached from the anode during my experiments and would have affected that particular experiment when it became detached and the results of all subsequent experiments because copper may have been deposited without electrolysis even taking place.

After each experiment the electrodes were not always put back into the same position which may have affected the results because the ions may have a shorter or longer distance to travel through the solution and therefore more or less copper would be deposited or detached.

Page 1) Introduction
Page 2) Aims and Predictions
Page 3) Method
Page 4) Results
Page 5) Conclusion and Evaluation of the Experiment
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Melanie Houghton responded December 2, 2003, @ 17:49
Melanie Houghton
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hello, thats a really good report. Well done you ! good-bye, melanie .x.

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