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Brave New World Vs 1984

Asked by stars | Jan 21, 2006
This is very good work. It is thorough, detailed, focused and shows an excellent knowledge of both texts. You succeed in exploring some of the language used by the authors to present the theme you focus on but I wonder whether you might say something about narrative technique. I also wonder whether you might strengthen the comparative element, bringing out in a more obvious way the similarities and contrasts in the respective novels. Also a need to tighten up expression here and there. Notes: 1. peace and stability but in which have become oppressive and tyrannical. [grammatical fluency breaks down here] 2. and our society [vague phrase here] 3. was used to instigate the population [is ‘instigate’ the right word here?]

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Asked by kirsty10 | Oct 26, 2002
With reference to the absorption spectrum of chlrophyll, explain why green plants owe their colour to this pigment. Thanks.

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