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Personal Statement-Law

Asked by so_this_is_sam | Nov 2, 2005
There is some good material here, but overall it is rather long, and in places repetitive. I have therefore gone in for a lot pf pruning, in the process rewriting many of your sentences, without any loss of significant content. This now leaves you room to add two absolutely critical sentences after the section on work experience, outlining exactly which 'aspects' of law have particularly excited you. I hope you like the revised version. Good luck with your application (which, in Law, should go in asap).

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Asked by petitcoco | Dec 18, 2001
I need to set up a business (simulated) consisting of the sales of used vehicles and used vehicle-parts.I have to source the funds from a financial institution. But I was told to state the following: WHAT IS THE ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION OF THIS BUSINESSTO -TRADE,JOBS,NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT -CONTRIBUTION TO GDP,GNP etc.

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