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Asked by katie | Mar 22, 2002
I would suggest that you stick to one thing to investigate, then you only need to worry about one prediction. That way you can choose the one that you know the most science for. Your other ideas can then be used in your evaluation as a way that the investigation could be developed further. If this was me, I would choose how the dropping height affects the height of bounce. So go for prediction B. The formula for potential energy is mgh. M = mass in kg, g = gravitational acceleration = 9.8 m/s/s and h = height in m. So with your plan, I would just stick to plan B. Otherwise it also gets a bit complicated if you are investigating a number of different variables. As part of your plan, you will need to identify all the key variables and say clearly which one you are measuring, what you are controlling (e.g. height dropped from) and which are not going to change. Then highlight that this is why it will be a fair test. You will also need to draw a diagram or clearly list the apparatus. As your prediction for part B stands, the science is good enough for level 6. If you want a higher level, you will need to use secondary sources of information e.g. text books and state clearly what extra info you have found and where you got it from. To get a high level for recording results, you must remember to label all headings on the table clearly, including units and to do each test three times and take an average. For your analysis, you will need to state what the pattern is e.g. I have found out that the higher the height that the ball is dropped from, the higher the bounce. You will then need to explain why. You can also include that as the ball is dropped the PE turns into Kinetic Energy, so that just as the ball hits the floor it will in theory have all converted into KE. KE = 1/2mv2. (v squared). So you could also include in your analysis a calculation as to the speed that the ball will hit the floor at. The graph will need to have height ball dropped from on the x axis (along the bottom) and average height of bounce on y axis. It needs to be a line of best fit e.g. either a definite straight line or a definite curve. If it is a straight line, you can comment on the fact that the height of bounce is proportional to the height of drop. For your evelauation you need to say whether any of the results were anomalous i.e. didn’t fit the pattern. You will also need to say whether your results are good enough for you to make a firm conclusion and whether the procedure could be improved and whether you had any problems e.g. difficulty judghing height of bounce. If you could find two different balls which have the same mass, you could also include this as then you would be able to find out whether it is only the height which has an affect, or whether it has something to do with the material or hollowness of the ball. You could then write about how you might investigate different variables.

Note from system: No grade given, defaulted to C grade.

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Asked by simarjot_judge | Apr 16, 2002
I am currently in year 9 nearing the end of the the academic year. I have received my GCSE options but I need some career advice.. i would like to go into investment banking but am unsure as to what i would need more- history or geography. Hope you can help & hope to hear from u soon, thanx

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